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Sound Equipment Rentals, We also offer Stage Lighting Equipment Rental and effects. We Offer You A Variety Of Professional Services For Your Event Mobile DJ, Stage Sound and Lighting Solutions, Karaoke and Security. We have been in the entertainment Business Serving the Bay Area since 1998. Our DJ's Provide You With Every Genre of Music.. but Specialize In Hip Hop, R&B Oldies, Funk /Disco and Dance, we also have an extensive collection of Rock, House, Latin, Pop, and Reggae. No Matter What your Music Style, We will Work with you Prior to your Engagement To Make Sure That All of Your Favorite Songs Are Included In Our Play List!
Need Audio Equipment and Visual Lighting Rentals at your next big event? Choose from hundreds of high end professional DJ equipment such as Club Disco Lights and Concert Speaker Rentals.

We have hosted many of our own events from events at Bay Area Night Clubs to Concerts for local and Radio Artists. We're available for all occasions from the simple Birthday Party to School Dances, Corporate Events, Weddings, Stage lighting and sound & more! We have state of the art equipment that would put any other Mobile DJ company to shame. Our Powerful digital sound system and intelligent lighting can fill almost any size venue.

XPLIZT DJ's ROCK! Nothing is Worse Than your own very party DJ Disc Jockey stopping the Music to Change CD's while you and Your Guests Are on the Dance Floor! Our DJs Are Artist's & We Specialize in Professional Mixes so The Music Never Stops Between Sets. A Good DJ/Emcee can Bring The Energy To the Dance Floor and Keep Your Guests Involved. By reading the Crowd and Taking Live Requests, You can Rest Assured that Your Party Will Be a Hit And Your Guests Will Go Home Happy.
Rent DJ Equipment and Speakers, Our DJ's Are Ready For You! Last Minute. Event Planning? Not A Problem! We Understand That People Get Busy and Can Forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing About The Party.. THE DJ! In Most Cases We can Arrange For a DJ to Be at Your Event Within 1 WEEK! Lets See the competition Try That!

Karaoke Anyone?
Professional DJ Equipment hire, Stage Effects for Hire, Sound Systems in Bay Area for Hire, Sound and Stage Lighting for Hire. Most People Never Think of it But Karaoke Can Be A Very Fun and Interactive Pass Time! Were Sure That At Least One of Our several thousand Songs in Our karaoke Library is Bound To Bring A Smile To Your Party.

Got Security? Hire Our Professional Security Enforcement Team To Keep Your Event Organized and Safe! -DJ's Our mobile DJ's provide you with every Genre of music but we specialize in events for the yourger party crowds. Our music selection covers • Hip Hop, • Rap, • R&B, • Rock • Reggae • Dance Hall • Disco • Top 40 • Bay Area • MC Services • Pro-Lighing • Private Parties • Fraternity Events Parties • Sorority Events Parties • College Parties Party DJ • Weddings • Schools • K-9 • Clubs • Pubs • Local Bars We have hosted many of out own events from concerts for local Bay Area Artist such as the Hoodstars, to car shows with local artists, Events at Local Bay Area Night Clubs with out Hip Hop and House Djs. We can help promote your venue with our team to make your day the most exciting one.

There are a ton of different genres of music available all around the world. Today you can narrow it down to over 1500 total genres! And it seems like everyday there are new ones added to the list. According to, the following are the 14 most popular genre and each have their own "sub-genre_ which leads to the source of all these different types of music categories!. Avant-garde ▪ Experimental music ▪ Minimalist music ▪ Lo-fi Country ▪ Alternative country ▪ Americana ▪ Country pop ▪ Nashville sound/Countrypolitan ▪ Urban Cowboy ▪ Country rock ▪ Honky tonk ▪ Bakersfield Sound ▪ Progressive country ▪ Neotraditional country ▪ Outlaw country ▪ Rockabilly ▪ Traditional country ▪ Bluegrass ▪ Progressive bluegrass ▪ Traditional bluegrass ▪ Close harmony ▪ String band ▪ Western ▪ Western swing Jazz ▪ Acid jazz ▪ Asian American jazz ▪ Avant-garde jazz ▪ Bebop ▪ Big band ▪ Crossover jazz ▪ Dixieland ▪ Calypso jazz ▪ Chamber jazz ▪ Cool jazz ▪ Free jazz ▪ Gypsy jazz ▪ Hard bop ▪ Jazz blues ▪ Jazz-funk ▪ Jazz fusion ▪ Jazz rap ▪ Latin jazz ▪ Mainstream jazz ▪ Mini-jazz ▪ Modal jazz ▪ M-Base ▪ Nu jazz ▪ Smooth jazz ▪ Soul jazz ▪ Swing ▪ Trad jazz ▪ West Coast jazz Blues ▪ Boogie-woogie ▪ Country blues ▪ Delta blues ▪ Electric blues ▪ Jump blues Easy listening ▪ Background music ▪ Beautiful music ▪ Elevator music ▪ Furniture music ▪ Lounge music ▪ Middle of the road Electronic ▪ Ambient ▪ Dark ambient ▪ Breakbeat ▪ Dance ▪ Big beat ▪ Dubstep ▪ Drum and bass ▪ Darkcore ▪ Electroclash ▪ Eurodance ▪ Gabba ▪ Garage ▪ Goa trance ▪ Psychedelic trance ▪ Happy hardcore ▪ Hardcore techno ▪ Hi-NRG ▪ House ▪ Acid house ▪ Ambient house ▪ Italo house ▪ Kwaito ▪ IDM ▪ Spacesynth ▪ Trance ▪ Acid ▪ Classic ▪ Euro ▪ Hard ▪ Hardstyle ▪ Progressive trance ▪ Tech ▪ Uplifting ▪ Vocal ▪ Electro ▪ Electronica ▪ Folktronica ▪ Rave ▪ Techno ▪ Acid breaks ▪ Trip hop ▪ Downtempo ▪ Glitch ▪ Industrial music ▪ Progressive electronic Hip hop/Rap music ▪ Australian hip hop ▪ Canadian hip hop ▪ Crunk ▪ Dirty rap/Pornocore ▪ East Coast hip hop ▪ Gangsta rap ▪ G-funk ▪ Grime ▪ Latin rap ▪ Chicano rap ▪ Miami bass ▪ Midwest hip hop ▪ Political hip hop ▪ Southern hip hop ▪ Turntablism ▪ West Coast hip hop Latin ▪ Bossa Nova ▪ Mambo ▪ Merengue ▪ M˙sica Popular Brasileira ▪ Reggaeton ▪ Salsa ▪ Samba ▪ Tejano ▪ Tropicalismo ▪ Zouk Pop ▪ Adult contemporary music ▪ Adult oriented pop music ▪ Afropop ▪ Arab pop ▪ Austropop ▪ Baroque pop ▪ Brazilian pop ▪ Bubblegum pop ▪ Chinese pop ▪ Contemporary Christian ▪ Country pop ▪ Dance-pop ▪ Disco ▪ Disco polo ▪ Electropop/Technopop ▪ Eurobeat ▪ Euro disco ▪ Europop ▪ French pop ▪ Greek La´kˇ pop ▪ Hindi pop ▪ Hong Kong and Cantonese pop ▪ Hong Kong English pop ▪ House-pop ▪ Indonesian pop ▪ Italo dance ▪ Italo disco ▪ Jangle pop ▪ Japanese pop ▪ Korean pop ▪ Latin pop ▪ Levenslied ▪ Louisiana swamp pop ▪ Mandarin pop ▪ Manufactured pop ▪ Mexican pop ▪ Nederpop ▪ New romantic ▪ Noise pop ▪ Operatic pop ▪ Persian pop ▪ Pop folk ▪ Pop rap ▪ Psychedelic pop ▪ Russian pop ▪ Schlager ▪ Sophisti-pop ▪ Space age pop ▪ Sunshine pop ▪ Surf pop ▪ Synthpop ▪ Taiwanese pop ▪ Teen pop ▪ Thai pop ▪ Traditional pop music ▪ Turkish pop ▪ US pop ▪ Vispop ▪ Wonky Pop ▪ Yugoslav pop Modern folk ▪ Indie folk ▪ Neofolk ▪ Progressive folk Reggae ▪ 2 tone ▪ Dancehall ▪ Dub ▪ Lovers rock ▪ Ragga ▪ Reggaefusion ▪ Ska Rhythm and blues ▪ Contemporary R&B ▪ Doo wop ▪ Funk ▪ Deep Funk ▪ Go-go ▪ P-Funk ▪ New jack swing ▪ Soul ▪ Hip hop soul ▪ Northern soul ▪ Neo soul ▪ Urban contemporary Rock ▪ Alternative rock ▪ Britpop ▪ Dream pop ▪ Emo ▪ Gothic rock ▪ Grunge ▪ Post-grunge ▪ Indie rock ▪ C86 ▪ Industrial rock ▪ Indie pop ▪ Madchester ▪ Post-rock ▪ Shoegazing ▪ Blues-rock ▪ C-Rock ▪ Dark cabaret ▪ Desert rock ▪ Folk rock ▪ Garage rock ▪ Glam rock ▪ Hard rock ▪ Heavy metal ▪ Black metal ▪ Death metal ▪ Doom metal ▪ Folk metal ▪ Glam metal ▪ Gothic metal ▪ Grindcore ▪ Groove metal ▪ Industrial metal ▪ Metalcore ▪ Nu metal ▪ Power metal ▪ Progressive metal ▪ Rap metal ▪ Sludge metal ▪ Speed metal ▪ Symphonic metal ▪ Thrash metal ▪ J-Rock ▪ New Wave ▪ Paisley Underground ▪ Power pop ▪ Progressive rock ▪ Psychedelic rock ▪ Acid rock ▪ Punk rock ▪ Anarcho punk ▪ Crust punk ▪ Deathrock ▪ Hardcore punk ▪ Post-hardcore ▪ Pop punk ▪ Post-punk ▪ Psychobilly ▪ Rap rock ▪ Rapcore ▪ Rock and roll ▪ Soft rock ▪ Southern rock ▪ Surf rock World ▪ Worldbeat ▪ Afrobeat

WOW So no matter what song you are looking for or what genre of song you like to listen to... chances are that we are sure to have the best selections for you. Our music library is updated on a weekly basis to make sure we always maintain your most current favorites and we also have a live internet connection at all events just incase a certain song didn't make it into our library and so we can buy it and download it on the spot! We'll provide the right atmosphere to keep your guests dancing all night. No more old boring Djs who dont know how to connect with your guests… our DJ's are fun and interactive and can relate well with you to make the night a hit. Bay Area San Francisco Disc Jockeys.

We hope that we are helpful in answering any questions you may have regarding entertainment services and MC Service for your event: • Wedding MC Service • Jr. High School Dance • Barbecue Party • Corporate Event • School Graduation Ceremony • Next Big Event • We are Affordable Djs! • Professional DJ for Hire • Anniversary Reception DJ • Sweet 16 Birthday Party • Get ready for your Back to School Dance Party • Bay Areas Best Prom DJ • DJs for your Graduation or any other entertainment where excellence is your number one priority • Contra Costa County Mobile DJs • Alameda County DJ System • We are your Last Min DJ Stop! • CA Walnut Creek DJ • Dj's In Moraga • Orinda • hyatt regency • kj • karaoke Jockey

Skilled High School Dance and Prom DJ's with our huge sound and lighting equipment. We are a very professional DJ company based in the Bay Area. We have professional industrial Sound and Audio Equipment that will power any size venue from small to large. Let us help recommend some of the best venue rentals in the bay area for Jr High school proms & ideas to use so that we make this the most awesome night you or your guests have had.

• Security? Our trained security team can open a can of whoopass if needed to help organize your engadgement. Trained in martial arts and basic tactical combat.., our security team can manage any size event. Our professional Security agents are always ready in a seconds notice. Keep your event manageable by hiring our trained security team.

Learn How to be a DJ! With DJ School Classes we offer! Private sessions available!
Contact your bay area dj prior to your event and we'll go over all aspects of your event from the most discreet details to the most important and pronounced. We will allow you to gather your play and do not playlist and provide your DJ this list so that you are in charge the whole time. Your search for the best bay area DJ stops here! • Palo Alto Classy Sound System Rentals for Hire, • We know what you want and thats a DJ from the Philippines. Jay G is from the Philippines! He's our most popular Phillipino DJ in the Bay Area! • San Jose Wedding Reception DJ for Hire • Arabic and Persian Wedding DJ in Bay Area DJs. With our network of professional connections, we can help you choose the perfect Bay Area wedding cake cakes or florist in the Contra Costa and Alameda County. Last minute professional DJ services are right here!

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